Educational Health Report

The College Board’s Task Force on Admissions in the 21st Century developed a data book to use as a guide to the task force’s work and as a resource for the College Board’s Commission on Access, Admissions and Success in Higher Education. A comprehensive but not exhaustive review of data on several contemporary issues in American education, the document explores 10 significant indicators of our national educational health. It includes the best national evidence we could find on each of these indicators, such as global competitiveness, children’s well-being, student achievement, and high school and college graduation rates.

Below are the salient data topics related to the 10 indicators that are discussed in greater detail in the full data book, Selected Data on P-20 Education in America:

  1. Economic Competitiveness
  2. Educational Attainment
  3. Child Well-Being
  4. Demographics
  5. Need for Baccalaureates
  6. K–12 and College Finance
  7. The Educational Pipeline
  8. Standards
  9. Teaching
  10. STEM Needs

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